ASUW debates on banning e-cigarettes on campus public places

Director of Institutional Development Tyler Julian gives his weekly report to the senate. Julian's report focused on the soft relaunch of WyoVocal.

Senuri Hettigoda


ASUW’s senate resolution 2477, concerning a ban on e-cigarrettes on public university space, met with criticism and concern from both students and the community at large. Amanda Pittman, a member of the Laramie community who runs a vapor shop downtown, spoke to the senate regarding the resolution.

“In the resolution 2477 it says that e-cigs contain far more carcinogens, nicotine, ultrafine carcinogenic and other toxic chemicals than in tobacco and I want to address the validity of this statement as it is not true based on the research,” Pittman said.

Senators then moved into a discussion regarding their personal opinions of e-cigs.

“We should move to the fact that regardless of the health risk, the debate is certainly not about smokers’ health but about public rights,” Arts and Sciences Senator Chris Ellbogen said.

Afterwards, a number of senators requested extra time to review the research made on electronic cigarettes.

Tracy Young, a member of the Wyoming Community Prevention Professional Team also addressed the gathering to inform the ASUW government about the availability of medical MST and alcohol, tobacco and suicide prevention programs. Ms. Young also said that she has been closely working with Grant Rogers, director of governmental affairs, to discuss the implementation process and the importance of medical MST among the students of University of Wyoming.

“Our social media page is a forum which gives awareness about the last Halloween incident,” said Young, regarding the group’s online post.



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