Student Health to close pharmacy

As a product of budget reductions in the 2018 fiscal year, UW Student Health will be closing its pharmacy.

Student Health Service was asked to reduce its budget by $250,000 resulting in the elimination of three positions, Director of UW Student Health Services Joanne Steane said.

“One of our physicians resigned her position, Katy Hartman,” Steane said. “It was unfortunate to lose her but we were able to use her position as one of the positions that would be eliminated.”

Harman’s resignation left Student Health Services with a difficult decision.

“Very difficult to have to figure out two other positions to have to eliminate,” Steane said. “After discussion and reviews it was decided that the two pharmacy positions would be eliminated.”

Pharmacy Supervisor Megan Peterson and Pharmacist Diahann Jablin are the only staff members of the Pharmacy.

“This would mean the end of our pharmacy service for students,” Steane said.

The closure of the pharmacy will take place at the end of the 2017 fiscal year in June, Steane said. While the closure is slated for June, it may not be permanent.

“On a bright note though, there have already been discussions about how to resume a pharmacy service,” Steane said. “ There are some very viable alternatives being discussed.”

Steane said nothing is off the table when considering alternatives.

“We hope that we’ll have something to offer students, because it is such an important service,” Steane said.



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