Trump is my president

Trump is my president, and I hope for his success.

The 45th President of the United States has been in office for just under two months now, and he has already begun solid work to make his campaign promises a reality.

Politicians receive a bad reputation for lying, among other things, and not living up to their word.

All throughout Trump’s campaign, his bold and unconventional promises have branded him with a variety of demeaning titles, from “sexist,” to “racist,” and “unfit to serve.” No matter your position on Trump’s recent executive orders including the travel ban, improvements on border security, and illegal immigration, there is no denying Trump has been doing exactly what he promised he would.

Discussing politics has always been an “off-limits” topic of conversation around the dinner table. But with Trump’s presidency, any mention of politics is a dangerous game anywhere on a college campus.

If you support Trump, you favor hate over love. If you support Trump, you are a racist and a misogynist. If you support Trump, you support political power dominated by the number of figures in a person’s bank account.

America is praised as the Land of Opportunity, and indeed it is. Anyone is able to do anything thanks to the freedom this great country offers. Among these freedoms is the right of anyone to run for office – so long as that person is not as successful financially as Donald Trump – then it is just considered money that gave way to power. At least, it seems this is the standard set by those in opposition to Trump who preach equal opportunity for all.

Crude comments about women surfaced during Trump’s campaign as well, causing the majority of anti-Trump advocates to declare him nothing but sexist, and giving his opponent Hillary Clinton greater leverage with women across the country.

Daring to say you are a woman supporting Trump gets twisted into: you are a woman against other women and their rights.

Supporting an elected official means choosing to wish and hope for their success because they hold authority of your home and country. It does not mean you agree with every single spoken word.

I do not choose hate over love, and I support Trump. I do not believe men are greater than women, or women greater than men, and I support Trump. I do not believe any human should be treated as anything less than that – human – regardless of race, sexual orientation or gender, and I support Trump.

I appreciate a leader for this great country who is proud to be an American, unashamed of their country and working towards the best interest of its citizens, a leader who is clear about their beliefs and not ashamed to stand firm on them, a leader who puts words into action. This is why Trump is indeed my president, and I will support him as long as he is in office.




  1. I am a female human and I know it takes guts to come out for our President Donald Trump. Never have the lines of political discourse been more rigid or more wrong. Kudos!

    • I have been proud to be an American for all my 76 years so for you to say you are now again to be proud does not make sense to me. There have been times when I disagreed with my country, the Iraq war, the mistreatment of black citizens throughout most of history. However, through progressive ideas and changes, we have made progress. I do not agree with Trump’s agenda nor his style of leadership. I do not like people to lie and no excuses should be made for his lying. If this is what you think makes America great again then you and I have different values

  2. Dara,

    Army Soldier here. I have a lot of respect for college kids that “get it” these days. It must be hard to be a conservative on campus. I admire people that are steadfast in their beliefs. I enjoyed your article.


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