Police bust UW fraternity, 21 MIPs issued

(Photo by Seth Haack)

On Sunday, Oct. 1, campus police officers responded to a noise complaint at the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house.

Chief of UW Police Department, Mike Samp, said that four arrests were made and 22 individuals were cited for various reasons, including Underage Consumption of Alcohol (UACA).

“Officers responded to 1512 Sorority Row at 0056 hours on Oct. 1, 2017, for a noise complaint,” Samp said. “Upon arrival, they had the following contacts:  One cited for Permitting House Parties Where Minors are Present, four arrested for UACA, 21 cited for UACA.”

There was one individual who was given a dual citation.

“One of the 21 cited UACA was also cited for Interference,” Samp said.

President of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Skyler Everitts offered the following statement on behalf of the brothers of his fraternity:

“We the brothers of Wyoming Alpha were saddened to hear about the events of the night of September 30th. A small group of individuals worked to circumvent the executive board as well as mislead the membership. Much of the executive board, standards board, as well as senior members, were away at a wedding and had absolutely no knowledge of the unsanctioned event. Of the citations issued, six were issued to members of our chapter and none of the arrests were our members. As a result of this incident, three members have been expelled and two have been suspended. In addition to this our chapter unanimously adopted a substance-free legislation which makes all social areas substance-free as of October 2, and all private domiciles substance free starting June 1, 2018. We are currently conducting an internal investigation as well as cooperating with the University’s ongoing investigation. Additionally, the chapter facility is entirely substance-free until the conclusion of our investigation. The brothers of Wyoming Alpha want to ensure that it is clear that this event is not in line with our principles.”

Albany County Circuit Court is working on the charges that were brought against the fraternity members.

“Charges are pending in Albany County Circuit court,” Samp said.



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