UW Hockey club works for tournament placement

(Photo courtesy of the UW Hockey Club) The Hockey team lined up for a group picture.

The promising 4 game winning streak from the Cowboys was unfortunately halted this past weekend with a pair of losses from CSU and BYU on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4.

The Cowboys overall record for the season is now 6-7 in the Big Mountain Hockey Conference.

The repercussions of the Cowboy’s performance this last weekend placed them in 17th place out of the 20 spots in the Western Region.

Wyoming’s bulk of the schedule is spread out through the end of February and propose possibilities for obtaining a spot in the Western Regional tournament.

UW must place in the top 12 out of the 20 teams in order to make it to the tournament, the top 2 teams have an automatic placement into the national tournament.

The Cowboys next opponent for this upcoming weekend is Denver University, who are ranked 5th in the West Region with a record of 10-5.

This weekend will bring a tremendous amount of pressure to the Cowboys as they attempt to obtain two wins that can move them up in the rankings substantially.

The first game against Denver University will be at their home rink leaving the home rink advantage to the University of Wyoming Saturday.

Assistant captain and president of the club, Eric Tomasello, attributes the teams current position to practice throughout the week.

“The poor effort stems from practice. We need to come to practice every day with a lot of energy,“ Tomasello said.

UW holds practice twice a week for a duration of three hours, the intensity of the practices builds from start to finish.

The majority of the UW Hockey Club practices consist of drills based on attacking, defending, puck handling, shots on goals and puck movement across the rink.

“This last week we were just going through the motions and it showed on the scoreboard over the weekend,” Tomasello said. “We have to come to practice ready to work and get in the right mind set.”

Regardless of the rankings, Wyoming has exceptional players capable of scoring and assisting. The players listed below will be shown recognition for their contribution to the team’s success whether it’s by goals, assists, or saves.

#13 Dan Franks: 8 goals and 9 assists

#9 Alec Macdougall 5 goals and 7 assists

#2 Brandon Dewar 3 goals and 9 assists

#14 Mark Kunitz 5 goals and 5 assists

#29 Cambell Mackay 5 goals and 3 assists

#27 Blake Bear: 4 goals and 1 assist

#18 Ian Johnson: 1 goal and 4 assists

#24 Ryan Bergerman: o goals and 4 assists

#26 Eric Tomasello: 3 goals and 0 assists

#35 Jacob Brock: 58 saves

#1 Samuel Mallory: 395 saves

The University of Wyoming’s Men’s Hockey team continues to work to be a successful club team and would appreciate the support of their fans Saturday, Nov. 11, at 7 p.m.



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