Cowboys basketball prevails over Chattanooga

(Photo by Shaylynn Levada) A basketball player dunks the ball during the game.

Friday, November 10, the University of Wyoming men’s basketball team played their second game of the year at the Arena Auditorium against the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. The Cowboys were able to take home the win with a final score of 74-65.

Wyoming won the tip-off but was not able to capitalize. The score remained relatively low through the first five minutes of the first half with the score being 6-5 in favor of Chattanooga. Senior for Wyoming, number 1, Justin James was able to make a lay-up while getting fouled for an and one but was not able to make the ensuing free throw.

As the game progressed the pokes were able to start up their field goal game and with eleven minutes left in the first half had made five 3 pointers. Number 5 Alan Herndon, and number 10 Cody Kelley both had made one, and number 20 Hayden Dalton had made three. As the clock approached ten minutes left in the half the score was 18-8 in favor of the Cowboys.

With five minutes left in the half, the score was 27-17, Wyoming in the lead. Dalton was able to add another three-pointer to his stat sheet, bring his total to 4, but a large reason for the Cowboy lead was defense with Herndon having two blocks.

At the conclusion of the half, the Pokes were able to expand their lead to 11 with the score reaching 40-29. The 3 pointer remained a large part of the Cowboys offense, with the Cowboys racking up 9 made at half with a 3FG percentage of 60%. The leading scorer for the Cowboys at half was Dalton with 19 points, he also had 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Leading scorer for UTC was tied between number 10 James Lewis Jr. and number 22 Makinde London, both with 6.

Dalton kept hot into the second half and was able to convert an and one before a minute had even elapsed in the half. Soon after number 5 for UTC Nat Dixon went down with injury when going up for a rebound, he was able to get up under his own power and return to the game very soon after. The score as five minutes had elapsed in the second half was 47-36, Cowboys still in the lead.

With just under fourteen minutes left in the half number 24 for the Pokes Louis Adams, who had two steals on the night, received his fourth foul and was subbed out. An acrobatic layup by Kelley right afterward was able to lift Wyoming fans spirits as their boos turned to cheers. With only ten minutes left in the half Chattanooga was able to decrease the Poke lead to 6 with a score of 49-43.

Chattanooga really started to pressure the Wyoming Defense. The Cowboy defense was able to withstand this pressure, and at this point in the game Herndon had four blocks, Dalton had two, and James had one. With only five minutes left in the game, the score was 61-53 Pokes.

With just over a minute left in the game Wyoming Freshman number 12 Hunter Maldonado went down with a leg injury, Maldonado was tied Kelley for second in total points for the Pokes with 7 points at the time of the injury.

The Final score was 74-65 with Wyoming taking home their second win of the season. The Pokes finished the night with an FG percentage of 41.7, a 3FG percentage of 47.6, and an FT percentage of 80. Dalton finished the game as the leading scorer for the Cowboys, finishing the night with 30 points. He also had 13 rebounds on the night giving him a double-double.

The next Wyoming home game will be Sunday, November 26, against New Mexico Highlands.



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