Letter-to-the-editor: A final word about the Dennis Prager event

All 380 seats in the Education Building Auditorium were filled on Thursday night. Over 200 graciously were seated in the overflow room across Prexy’s Pasture. The tally from Eventbrite was totaled at 598 people. 598 people who, in agreement and disagreement, heard from a national speaker on our wonderful campus.

There have been concerns that the event would not merit the $10,000 granted to Turning Point USA by ASUW; however, I feel as though it is clear that an event of such a size benefited and impacted more than a simple “interest niche” as coined by Carter Henman in his latest letter to the editor. The letter to which I am referring called me out as being “entitled” and seemingly ungrateful. I would like to take this chance to express my gratitude, because, as Mr. Prager stated on Thursday night in front of 598 listeners in Laramie and the 75,000 watching the live stream on Facebook, “you can’t be happy if you’re not grateful”.

I am grateful for the University Police Department for ensuring a safe event. Your service to our campus is often overlooked, and my appreciation for your work knows no bounds.

I also want to be sure to thank those ASUW senators who voted in favor of helping fund our event since I feel as if my earlier letter to the editor might have come across as pointed at the student government as a whole. This was unintentional and I only had wanted to direct student attention to the conduct of select senators, only.

I want to also express my gratitude to the University Administration. Your support for the First Amendment is what makes me proud to say that I am a Wyoming Cowboy.

Thank you to those who listened to Mr. Prager on Thursday night. Regardless of if you agreed or disagreed with what was said, I sincerely hope that you left having learned something new.

Of course, the protesters, who indeed peaceably assembled, also deserve my gratitude. Thank you for honorably utilizing your First Amendment right to stand for what you believe in.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the members of Turning Point USA for their tireless work over the last three months. Chartering the RSO late last Spring, I never imagined hosting an event of this nature so soon. Your dedication to liberty is admirable and inspiring.


Jessie Leach, Turning Point USA president, et. al






  1. Your dedication to bringing a speaker to campus who believes a wife has no right to refuse her husband’s sexual advances is the opposite of inspiring. In fact, it’s sickening. You could have invited any number of respectable conservatives–George Will, Rod Dreher–but instead you chose a rape apologist. Doesn’t that say more about you than it does about conservatism or the first amendment?

  2. The amount of hatred and intolerance toward different points of view at UW is amazing. So many left-wing radicals who want to censor all speech they don’t agree with. Very sad. I have told my son UW is not one of the college choices I will pay for.

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