Cowgirls volleyball bests Aztecs

The University of Wyoming Cowgirl’s volleyball team hosted the visiting Sand Diego State Aztecs on senior night, Wednesday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m.

The Cowgirls were able to obtain the victory over the Aztecs with a 3-1 within the series. The win for Wyoming rewarded the team with a second-place finish in the Mountain West Conference.

The battle between the Aztecs and the Cowgirls lasted 4 sets with back and forth action from both teams through the entirety of the bouts.

Both teams thrived on tactical attacking plays with a combined total of 109 kills, 65 coming from the Aztecs and 54 from your Cowgirls.

The deciding factor of set four were the amount of errors made by the Aztecs in the overall performance inevitably costing them a win.

Wyoming’s winning outcome for sets 1 and 2 was due to key plays made by Halie Mcardle, Jackie Mcbride, Reed Copeland, and Tara Traphagan.

The Cowgirls and the Aztecs remained very close within points through the first set with even numbers until Wyoming was able to break free from a 22-22 tie in the set with three unanswered points.

The first set of the game was won by Wyoming with a score of 25-22.

Much like the 1st set, the second set held many different point ties throughout the match. Wyoming was able to break free once again after extra points were made by the Aztecs careless errors.

Wyoming was able to win the 2nd set in a hard-fought match with a score of 27-25.

The Aztecs played through their frustration from the first two sets and were able to lead most of the match in points. The Aztecs highest lead of the set was 25-17 unfortunately caused by major errors from the Cowgirls.

The Aztecs were able to win the set with a score of 25-17 reaching to the 4th set of the game.

Cowgirl fans were a sight to see as they cheered and supported their Cowgirls through key plays of the last set where Wyoming was able to capitalize on San Diego’s reoccurring errors.

The back and forth trading between leading and trailing amongst the two teams ended when Wyoming obtained a 3-point lead after serving mistakes from San Diego which inevitably led to the victory for the Cowgirls in the 4th and final set.

Congratulations to the following Cowgirl Seniors on the victory for their last home game of the season; Lily Austin, Shelby Johnson, and Marley Taylor.

Good luck to the Cowgirls on their last game of the regular season as they go on the road this Saturday, November 18 at 2 p.m. to face Fresno State.



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