Campus Activities Center continues to assist RSOs

(Photo taken from UW website) The Campus Activities Center assists students in forming and registering RSOs that they may be interested in and help them to organize various events.

The Campus Activities Center has been established here at the University of Wyoming to enhance the development and retention of students.

They are available to assist or direct any of the student organizations with programming support, leadership development, and marketing services.

CAC provides students with valuable involvement opportunities.

“CAC is a really great central hub for all small and wide opportunities that a student can have,” senior office assistant, Katie Burnworth said. “They can get involved with 7220 or Safe Zone or the variety of activities that we do. We like to pride ourselves of being a point of connection with the students, the campus as well as the greater community.”

CAC coordinate with the Wyoming Union and the university to facilitate student learning and development opportunities while allowing the students to link with the community. Their goal is to provide students with activities outside the classroom where they can learn and grow.

Their help with recognized student organizations is one of their bigger involvements on campus. They assist students in forming and registering RSOs that they may be interested in, and help them to organize various events.

“We love to support the 240+ RSOs here on campus, which can include anything from helping a small club form to getting involved in huge clubs and assist in organizing their large-scale events which may require a lot of even planning and coordinating,” Burnworth said. “We like to be involved in all aspects weather it may be doing some paperwork or organizing a weeklong event we are always ready to help.”

The purpose of the CAC is to promote student leadership, growth, and development as well as serve as an important source of information for programming and involvement on campus.

“With our event the Diwali Night, we went to CAC to get some assistant in spreading the word about our special night and they were great help with the advertisement and overall support which I think we as a student RSO appreciated a lot,” secretary for MILAAP, Ragha Mohan said.

CAC is highly involved in activities and programs that are provided for the purpose of enriching the environment of university. They assist with any step that students may need to organize their program or event.

They provide help with small things like filling out papers to book rooms or places to larger help like planning the event, organizing promotion and support on the event itself.

“I think CAC is great at what they do and they certainly did help me a lot when I was advertising for our events,” Public Relations Officer for ISA (International Student Association), Suyasha Pradhananga said. “They make the process fairly simple and are very reliable with their work.”

All the events on campus are registered through the CAC and they review the registration to help them further with their planning. They provide information on who can how they can contact people to complete the steps towards their program.

“We love to help our students and any other aid that they may need like a venue recommendation or what papers to file we are always here ready to help,” Burnworth said.

The CAC encourages quality involvement of students both as volunteers and employees in all aspects of campus activities.

“The CAC is what gives students the chance to connect with the university and with the campus community outside of classes and allows students to learn beyond just textbooks and curriculum,” Burnworth said. “It allows them to live work experience, planning and just making more friends. When I was a student here it was definitely something that made my university experience a lot better.”

Santosh Madhyanam, ASUW Representative for ISA, is pleased with her experience with the CAC.

“My experience with CAC was definitely a good one,” Madhyanam said. They are always ready to assist and are very helpful, they will answer all our questions no matter how big or small. Their help with our RSO is what helped us in having a successful Education Week.”



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