Walk with a Doc debuts in Laramie

(Photo taken from Walk with a Doc Facebook page) Walk with a Doc started in 2005 by Dr. David Sabgir, a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio. The Laramie walk has been and will continue to be led by Dr. Emma Bjore.

In the U.S. the lowest dropout rate of physical activity is walking, according to the American Heart Association; the reasoning behind this is walking is low impact and doesn’t harm a person’s joints as much as running does.

In addition to walking being a low impact form of exercise, it is extremely healthy and is safe for people with orthopedic disabilities, heart conditions and people who are overweight.

Walk with a Doc is a program for people interested in taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle through means of walking. While walking at your own pace you can ask a doctor general questions about physical health.

“I find that it is a very beneficial initiative for our community,” a nursing major at UW, Jessie McCarthy, said. “As part of the school of Health sciences, knowing that there is an institution that promotes bodily health, gives me hope for future generations. Due to the increased rate of technology, each generation has been decreasing in general health because we have become more reliant on technology and thus making us forget about what’s healthy for our bodies and for our lives.”

Walk with a Doc has been an initiative since 2005. The main focus is to get people moving and promote cardiological health within the community.

Walk with a Doc began with a cardiologist in Columbus, Ohio by the name of Dr. David Sabgir. Dr. Sabgir was overall very frustrated with his inability to invoke people to begin to be active and improve cardiovascular health.

He invited his patients to go on a walk with him in a park and he was surprised to see over 100 of his patients showed up ready to move and get active.

“The walk is a great way to get people in the community involved in their own personal health and raise awareness for cardiovascular issues that are present in most every family across the country,” nursing major at UW, Caitlyn Tabling said. “So, this initiative really helps people be aware of health issues.”

Since the very first walk in 2005, the initiative, Walk with a Doc, has skyrocketed in popularity through means of simplicity and a rise in efforts of doctors across the country.

To begin the event a doctor hosting the event gives a short presentation on one health topic usually involving cardiovascular health and then the doctor leads the participants on a walk at the pace of the participants.

Now the walk led under Dr. Emma Bjore from Ivinson Memorial hospital has made its way to Laramie, Wyoming and started the Nov. 5. It will continue through the year taking place the first and third Sunday of each month.

The walk grew in popularity with many of the doctors across the country and as a result it sparked interest in different countries around the world and currently involves over 300 different “Walk with a Doc” events worldwide.

Recently the Surgeon General of The United States of America recognized the “Walk with a Doc” initiative to be one of the best things we can be doing as a country to improve the cardiovascular health of the country as a whole.



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