ASUW puts TPUSA RSO on suspension until 2019

(Photo by Jared Urdiales) Dennis Prager was hosted by the RSO TPUSA last month. TPUSA has been suspended for the improper use of funding from ASUW.

This last week, Tuesday, Nov. 28, ASUW Budget and Finance Committee held a planned registered student organization (RSO) funding meeting where conservative activism RSO, Turning Point USA, is suspended from requesting funding and put on suspension for the remainder of the semester and for an additional year from the end of this semester. The ASUW Budget and Finance Committee cited three main reasons the funding would be revoked.

“I think the question these students clearly need to ask themselves is, ‘Was Prager’s visit, was the ensuing mess worth it?’” Student, Frank Lee, said. “Somebody could have done so much good with $10,000 so it’s a shame to see students and student fees get used to promote Prager who will only profit on our backs.”

Throughout the RSO requests for funding, ASUW Budget and Finance Commitee Chair, Joel Defebaugh, explained the importance to maintain adherence to the ASUW Finance Policy.

RSO’s must maintain strict adherence to how, where and who ASUW funding will be used for.

“I’m sorry but I have to be a stickler,” Defebaugh said.

When the RSO’s seeking funding had finished their appeals, the ASUW turned their attention to disciplinary matters involving TPUSA’s improper use of the maximum allowed request for funds, $10,000.

The inappropriate use of funds and violations of the ASUW Finance Policy were outlined by the ASUW as being a failure to properly identify and label posters as being approved by ASUW and Campus Activities Center (CAC), failing to use a designated UW Event Ticketing entity for entrance to the event and providing food unauthorized by UW Risk Management.

“Turning point ended up being just as we thought they were,” Graduate Student and protest attendee, Monika Leininger, said. “Disorganized, irresponsible in following University protocol and haphazard with the funds provided partly by student dues. They brought in a speaker that aimed to separate the Wyoming community and I’m relieved they are given a probationary period to rethink their procedures in putting on events like this.”

The committee asked TPUSA Chapter President, Jessica Leach, if she had read the ASUW Finance Policy carefully and she replied that she had not.

“We have begun a formal appeals process to reinstate our funding by lodging a complaint with the RSO Funding Board,” Leach said. “We’re also looking to maybe do a Go Fund Me page and also start some fundraisers after the success of this event.”

Leach said she will not be the chapter’s president next semester due to student teaching but that the incoming president will have a some challenges to overcome.

“Our members and our RSO are young so it’s going to be a big challenge for the next leader,” Leach said. “There’s going to be a lot of pressure on the next leader.”



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