Cowboys basketball win in overtime against Eagles

(Photo by Shaylynn Levada)

Tuesday, Dec. 12, The University of Wyoming Cowboy Basketball team took on the Eastern Washington Eagles at the Dome of Doom. The game took place at 7 after the Cowgirls basketball game.

The Game went into overtime, with Wyoming winning 93-88 in thrilling fashion. The Cowboys won in the first overtime with Nyaires Redding making the final two free throws, for the Cowboys, with only a second left on the clock, putting the game out of the Eagles reach.

Leading players for the Cowboys were Hayden Dalton with 28 points, Justin James with 10 rebounds, and Cody Kelley with 5 assists. Bogdan Bliznyuk led the Eagles in scoring with 30 points, and Jesse Hunt led them with 8 rebounds.

The Cowboys next game is Saturday, December 16, at the “Dome of Doom”, against Texas Southern.



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