UW College Of Law organizes Oil & Gas Negotiations Competition

Graphic of an oil rig. (Photo taken from Pixabay)

The University of Wyoming College of Law will be organizing an Oil and Gas Negotiations Competition, hosted by South Texas College of Law, which will allow for law students to develop their negotiation skills in the field of energy law.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for students pursuing a career in energy law to network with experienced lawyers and firms,” Simran Khadka, student at the college of law, said.

This competition provides students with a prospect of developing their negotiation skills with real world fact patterns based on current issues in the field of energy law.

The Energy Information Administration estimates U.S. recoverable oil resources to be an additional 198 billion barrels.

“The U.S. has increased its oil drilling locations, places like North Dakota and Montana have increased production of oil,” Shawn Asad, petroleum engineering student, said.

Energy Research has great potential in Wyoming. In order to develop a value energy platform in Wyoming, Greyson Buckingham, student at the college of law and the college of business, presented a paper entitled “Utilizing Natural Gas Generators to Reduce Emissions and Flared Gas.”

Buckingham’s paper explores the use of natural gas generators for on-site power sources for oil and gas sites.

“Based on my professional experiences and academic research in regard to the on-site power generation segment of the oil and gas value chain, I realized there was a tremendous market opportunity for a transparent and competitive e-marketplace that seamlessly connects oil and gas operators and suppliers,” Buckingham said.

Natural gas generators are becoming increasingly more popular as a technology that provides on-site power generation to oil and gas sites.

According to his paper, Buckingham states that to better understand the market development for natural gas generators it is important to provide an overview of laws and regulations affecting the commercialization of natural gas generators and facilitate generated electricity from flared gas to be sold back to utility distribution systems.

College of business student Riwaz Bajracharya said, “Development of oil and gas in the U.S. will not only help provision of energy and its research but also create a whole new market with a lot of competition but also a lot of opportunity. As a business student, I see a whole new perspective of how I can develop this into creating more jobs and energy resources for people in the country.”

This competition, which is open to all law students, gives students an opportunity to work on their skills in the field of energy law, while negotiating laws that help energy resource development.



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