UW softball readies for Air Force

Courtesy: Kyra Garnich
The UW women’s softball team is made up of 13 players coached by Patrick Espinoza and assistant coach Nicole Reeves.

After the success in their competitive season that started in September, the women’s club softball team has surely received bragging rights.

This year’s team is made up of 13 girls and is coached by Patrick Espinoza and assistant coach Nicole Reeves. The team typically practices two to four times per week depending on weather and competes against area clubs and other junior college softball programs 10-20 times each semester.

Players had no hesitation when it came to saying how much they loved their team.

“I decided to play for the UW club softball because I wanted to get involved in something and because I wanted to meet new people,” Ariel Campbell said, a player for the club softball team. “I knew that softball would be a great opportunity because I loved to play. I also looked at it as my last chance to ever get to play competitive fast pitch softball.”

Campbell is also the head coach of the Laramie 12 and under girls softball league. She is working to try and get a larger number of younger girls in Laramie involved in the sport.

“I’ve wanted to coach younger girls for the past few summers now. I have had a lot of opportunities back in my hometown Rock Springs, but I wasn’t sure how to get involved here. Our team helped in a softball clinic and I had my coach reach out to the president of the league. From there I got contacted to be head coach of 12 under girls and I agreed to do it because I enjoy teaching children.”

The women’s club softball team has had an eventful competitive season this year competing in different tournaments from all around.

“As a team, we keep getting better every year,” Campbell said. “For our conference this year we are 6-0 and we will go to Air Force this weekend to play three games to see who will be the conference champions. If we win we are going to try to go to Nationals in Georgia. That is a huge accomplishment for us because prior to this year we used to hardly win any games.”

As the club softball season winds down to an end, there is a lot of encouragement coming from this year’s team for girls to join in the upcoming 2013-14 season.

“I would say this is a great program to be involved in,” Campbell said. “You get to meet new girls and have bonds with girls that will last for many years. It’s also a great opportunity to be involved in something that keeps young girls active.”



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