• Events

    Sea vents: The final frontier

    Sea, the final frontier. This is the voyage of the U.S. Research Vessel Atlantis. Its six-week mission: to discover how ocean crust forms and stumble upon unknown hydrothermal vents. Barbara John and Michael Cheadle, professors [...]
  • Campus

    UW to increase enrollment of Native Americans

    The University of Wyoming and President Laurie Nichols are taking steps to increases enrollment of Native Americans at UW. “Currently we are not bringing as many Native American students to campus as we should be, [...]
  • Campus

    ASUW reviews mandatory student fee increases

    Tuesday’s meeting of ASUW ran late as the senators discussed Senate Resolution No. 2545. SR No. 2545 “Proposed Mandatory Student Fee Increases for Fiscal Year 18” states that ASUW supports UW’s increase in student fees. [...]
  • Basketball

    Pokes win CBI quarterfinal

    The Cowboys basketball team picked up their 20th win of the season on Monday night in the Arena-Auditorium over the University of Missouri Kansas City, 72-61. The Kangaroo’s came out of the gates in a [...]