• Campus

    Summer leadership legislation passed at ASUW

    The 104th ASUW Senate met for the last time on Tuesday. Eight pieces of legislation were passed as the senate’s final act. Senate Bill #2557 “ASUW Support for WyASC Summer Leadership Conference,” saw debate on [...]
  • News

    STDs in Wyoming on the rise

    Cases of Sexually-Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Wyoming are on the rise, with dramatic increases in Gonorrhea rates since 2012 and other STDs close behind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, STDs are [...]
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    WyoLotto pays $1 million to state

    On April 7, the WyoLotto made their fifth transfer of funds to the state in the form of $1 million. The money will be divided up between different cities, towns and counties in Wyoming. According [...]
  • Events

    Taking back the night

    Student group Intersectional Suffragists, will be hosting Take Back the Night Candlelight Vigil tonight. The vigil will honor victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Wyoming. “A 2010 summary report done by the National [...]