• Opinion

    UW a no fly zone

    This past week ASUW held a reading for the Senate Resolution #2539, authored by ASUW Vice President Tyler Wolfgang, which was a resolution about being able to fly the LGBTQ flag annually during the pride [...]
  • News

    Abortion bill will provide new option

    A new abortion bill proposed by the House of Representatives would give pregnant women the option to hear the fetus’ heartbeat before having an abortion. House Bill 182 would require physicians and nurses to inform [...]
  • Features

    New beginning demonstrated through art

    Art can symbolize many things: beauty, creation, a new perspective or even a journey to places we have never been. To Katie Baker, a Georgia-born art student at UW, art is a fresh start and [...]
  • Sports

    Cowgirl tennis sweeps Miners, 4-0

    The Cowgirl tennis team (6-2 overall) won its third straight match with a 4-0 victory over the UTEP Miners (2-7 overall) on Saturday morning. “I can’t point out one outstanding performance from one person because [...]
  • Top

    March to become Disabilities Awareness Month

    Laramie will celebrate its first ever “Disability Awareness Month” this March. Tuesday, Laramie Mayor Andi Summerville announced the new awareness month to the City Council. “Thousands in Wyoming face challenges with disability daily,” Summervile said. [...]