Too little, too late

February 22, 2017 Annie Todd 0

Dear President Nichols, Thank you so much for your university wide communication about how UW will try to prevent sexual assault in the future. Thank you for addressing that there is in fact a problem […]


Trump is my president

February 17, 2017 Dara Horning 6

Trump is my president, and I hope for his success. The 45th President of the United States has been in office for just under two months now, and he has already begun solid work to […]


Protecting our future

February 16, 2017 Alec Schaffer 0

Wyoming has 30 million acres of public land that are coming under threat. With her first vote in the House of Representatives, congresswoman Liz Cheney voted against her constituents’ wishes and voted in favor of […]


Editorial: Student-less Affairs

February 10, 2017 Branding Iron 5

Since July 2016, UW Student Media has been one of several student groups on campus mistreated by administration. This problem arose over space allocation for our department. However, this editorial has not been written to […]


Why athletics matter

December 8, 2016 Branding Iron 0

Nathan Forest nforest@uwyo.edu   Over the past few years, I have written countless articles on the various sports teams at this university. I have attended hundreds of games, both as part of my job, and […]

No Picture

What being atheist taught me

December 8, 2016 Jamie Hampton 0

What being atheist taught me   Jamie Hampton jhampto6@uwyo.edu   My parents split when I was a little over a year old. When my dad got remarried he started attending a Baptist church and we […]


Letter from the editor

December 7, 2016 Matthew Fabian 0

Matthew Fabian mfabian1@uwyo.edu   It is no far stretch to believe many students, faculty and administrators are looking forward to the upcoming hiatus after the end of a rampant fall semester.   Given an opportunity […]