World-renowned tap dancer performs at UW

Savion Glover, award winning tap dancer and choreographer, performed yesterday evening at the Arts and Sciences auditorium in a program put on by UW Cultural Programs.

Glover is a world-renowned tap dancer who has performed in many capacities, including on “Sesame Street”, as the tapper in “Happy Feet” and “Happy Feet Two”, and on Broadway. His performances have earned him a Tony Award for best choreography and he is currently serving as the 2016 ambassador of dance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Glover’s other accolades include creating worldwide-touring tap repertoires, including “Bare Soundz”, “Classical Savion”, and “Savion Glover’s Holiday Spectacular”. He also was a spokesperson for “Free Style Nike”.
Philip Molene, Retail Associate for Cultural Programs, said that a performance by such a talented performer is an honor for the University.
“There has never been a professional tap dancer of his caliber on campus before,” Molene said.

Janelle Fletcher, director of Cultural Programs, said that Glover is in fact the first professional tap dancer that Cultural Programs has brought to the university.

“In the Cultural Program’s 30-plus year history, he is the very first tap dancer we have ever booked,” Fletcher said. “We do a professional dance company, sometimes two, every year. Never before have we had one tap.”
Fletcher said that the opportunity to have Glover perform brings a whole new level of prestige to the university.

“To be able to present it on this level is incredible because it has never happened before,” Fletcher said. “Also, he is an international superstar, and it is a really rare opportunity for us to be able to witness that kind of greatness here. He’s not even making a stop in Denver. It’s a treat!”

Booking Glover was no easy feat for the Cultural Programs department.

“We booked him because we had a really rare opportunity where he was crossing the country and had one date available on his cross-country tour,” Fletcher said. “He is one of the most famous tap dancers in the world. It was a really special opportunity to bring him into Laramie on his way across the country.”

The rarity of this opportunity did not go unnoticed by UW dance students.

“It’s not often a Tony Award winning dancer comes to Laramie Wyoming!” Kirklin Carroll, Junior in the Dance Program, said. “I think it’s a unique opportunity for students to see professional dance performed outside of the realm of ballet. Plus tap is fun for all ages and all people.”

Amanda Vinson, Junior in the Dance Program, also took advantage of the opportunity to watch Glover perform. She said the opportunity to see a tap dancer specifically was a special opportunity.

“It is such a unique form of dance that is not as common as other forms and never disappoints. Every dancer has their own flavor and that really shows in tap since the dancer makes the rhythms,” Vinson said. “All of the polyrhythms and syncopation are made with the dancer and every dancer has their own style.”

Fletcher said that if students were unable to attend Glover’s performance, they missed out on a great show. However, there are more programs to come.

“We have a lot more coming this season, so keep your eyes peeled!” Fletcher said.



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