Pride flag resolution dies in committee

Pride flag flying in the wind. If ASUW approves Senate resolution 2539 a pride flag will be flown every June starting this year in Prexy's Pasture. (Photo courtesy of WikiCommons)

On Tuesday night, ASUW held the first reading of Senate Resolution #2539 “ASUW Support for LGBTQIAA+ Pride Flag Flown in Prexy’s Pasture for the Month of June.”

According to the resolution, authored by Vice President Wolfgang, “[ASUW] wishes to collaborate with the University of Wyoming Physical Plant to post the LGBTQIAA+ Pride Flag, provided by ASUW Student Government and United Multicultural Council, prior to the first day of June every year.”

The act would also help heal wounds left over from open LGBT discrimination that have occurred in Laramie and UW, according to the resolution.

“UW and the City of Laramie have known histories of LGBTQIAA+ discrimination,” according to the resolution. “Progressive steps including the posting of the LGBTQIAA+ Pride Flag in Prexy’s Pasture would demonstrate a tangible commitment by UW for the safety, wellbeing and rights of members of the LGBTAIAA+ community.”

The flag would be flown for throughout June before being taken down in July. If the resolution passes, the flag would be flown beginning this year.

June has been recognized as LGBT month since 2016 when former President Obama wrote a proclamation.

Before the resolution was read, there was open opposition. The gallery was full of students who were there to hear the first reading of the resolution.

During the open forum, international studies major, Isacc Roque, spoke about why he was against the resolution.

“If we allow this flag to come up, it’s black history month, why don’t we have any black history month flags?” Roque said. Next month, we celebrate Cesar Chavez Month. Why don’t we fly a Mexican flag? I’m not trying to come here to divide us on this issue. I think this is a noble thing the LGBT community is trying to propose. I think the American and Wyoming flags sums up every single one of us in this room and on this campus.”

The resolution has been tabled indefinitely, effectively killing it, Wolfgang said.

ASUW passed Resolution #2537 “Clarity and Structure Revisions to the ASUW By-Laws.” The bill will clear up the election section and make it its own document.

They also introduced Resolution #2538 “ASUW Endowment in Support of ASUW Childcare Assistance Scholarship.”

The Childcare Assistance Scholarship is rewarded annually for non-traditional students who have a dependent child and demonstrate financial need.

Resolution No. 2538 is an extension of Resolutions No. 2543, No. 2398 and No. 2407. Resolution No. 2407 was passed in November 2013 and allocates $115,000 for the ASUW Childcare Assistance Scholarship which created an endowment, with an additional $2,000 contributed by ASUW.

Resolution No. 2538 would add $33,000 to the endowment from the ASUW Reserve.

The bill will be voted on next week.

Below is the official statement from ASUW President Michael Rotellini.




  1. Why would we need to fly a “Mexican Flag” to commemorate Cesear Chavez? He was born in the United States (Yuma, AZ) but let’s not let the fact he’s an American citizen play any role in how he’s looked at and what national origin is assigned to him. If any ‘flag’ might be assigned to the struggle Cesear Chavez engaged in – it would be the United Farm Workers flag. It is too bad students such as Mr. Roque have such a narrow view of who is to be considered as an “American”

    • Absolutely true. Mr. Roque’s comment made my blood boil. I’m also (I had nothing to do with this article) a writer for the BI. So If I ever get a chance, I’d love to point your question to him.

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