Zach Mercurio visits UW, teaches about purpose

(Photo courtesy of Zach Mercurio) Zach Mercurio offers a workshop to guide students to better understand their goals and find their purpose.

Today, in the Union Ballroom the University, Zach Mercurio will be giving the second part of his keynote presentation entitled “College with an Authentic Purpose.”

This second installment is set to be a workshop for students to interact while gaining an understanding of their purpose. Mercurio teaches that people are compelled to be more productive members of society when they know their purpose, giving positive meaning to their lives.

Earlier this year, Mercurio visited the University of Wyoming and spoke to the incoming freshman about the importance of finding their purpose in order to make the most out of their college experience.

Students have been deeply impacted by Mercurio’s thought-provoking lecture. He left students thinking about what it really means to be in college and how they can feel fulfilled through the purpose they have as well as how to achieve this purpose. This visit was only the first installment of lectures/workshops that Mercurio is set to give on campus.

Mercurio utilizes his personal story of finding his purpose, many of his findings through his extensive research, and stories from college students that he has impacted in a positive light to be able to invoke an understanding for students to begin to find their purpose.

Through his series of lectures and books he has written addressing purpose, students can transform their college experience. Suggestions are by getting involved on campus, participating in community service projects, and focusing more on their academics to achieve their purpose.

Through this program or lectures, Mercurio targets a deep-rooted question for finding a purpose on campus and developing the goals of students so that they have the tools to be successful in the future.

“Why?” Mercurio asks students who partake in his lecture.

What is seemingly a simple question truly has a deeper meaning in the sense that it persuades students to analyze why they are in college and why they are on a certain track for their futures. The question allows students to be reflective on what they want: not only in their college experience yet to unfold but also for their post-college experiences.

Mercurio is returning to the university this semester to host a workshop which parallels his previous visit to our campus. This workshop will essentially be guiding students through the process of finding their purpose and applying it to a set of goals to fully achieve this purpose. These learned skills can be highly beneficial to all students that attend.

Exposure to Mercurio’s real-life experience is a productive way for students to get further invested in their futures.



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