Bowl Coverage: Wyoming shows pride, nation wide

Wyoming will be well represented by its fans during the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl when the Wyoming Cowboys face the Central Michigan Chippewas.

“Part of the game day experience is having a lot of fans and alumni in the crowd cheering the team on,” University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols said. “It can make all the difference in terms of momentum.”

Wyoming will have their fair share of fans in the stands to help cheer on the Cowboys when they take the field. Almost 2,000 tickets have been sold through the UW website. The night before the Bowl game the Wyoming Alumni Association hosted a social hour that fans and alumni of Wyoming were welcome to catch up with old friends and to make new ones.

Executive Director for the UW Alumni Association Heener Fry said, “We travel folks better than anyone in the conference”

At the away games Wyoming will see fans and alumni coming from usually about fifteen states Fry said. With Boise being in the Rocky Mountain region most of the fans will come from this area but fans from California have made the trip up to watch the game.

Following the social hour, the organizers hosted a pep rally as part of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl between both team’s cheerleaders and band members. At this event, there were many fans present, showing that Wyoming does travel well.

As kickoff approaches, Wyoming fans will be able to gather one more time before the game begins as the Cowboy Joe Club where there will be a pregame cookout for Wyoming fans to attend.



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