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Coal faces mounting challenges

December 8, 2017 Rob Bryans 0

Wyoming may be one of the richest states in the Union but its main source of wealth, coal production, faces mounting environmental, economic and logistical challenges. Shrinking and extremely competitive markets for thermal coal, Wyoming’s […]


Avalanche safety course open to all

November 29, 2017 Courtney Kudera 0

Avalanche beacons, also known as avalanche transceivers, are carried by individuals who are at risk of being buried in an avalanche while doing outdoor activities such as skiing or snowshoeing. These devices transmit radio signals […]


Wyoming changes wolf management

November 10, 2017 Courtney Kudera 0

As of April 25, 2017, a court mandate returned the management of the gray wolf to the State of Wyoming. Across the state, specifically the northwest corner, there are different regulations on the hunting of […]


UW partners with clean energy

November 9, 2017 Luke Tilley 0

A new partnership between UW’s School of Energy Resources (SER) and a New York-based energy technology company could provide a bump to Wyoming’s coal trade. In the deal between the SER and Clean Coal Technologies, […]


Artwork made in the wild tours of Wyoming

October 24, 2017 Rob Bryans 0

The University of Wyoming Outdoor Studio class, a summer visual arts class focusing on outdoor and natural subject matter while creating work outdoors, recently sent their work with UW painting professor, Patrick Kikut, and a […]