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UW orchestra kicks off holiday season

November 30, 2017 Suweksha Shrestha 0

Two of the incredible piano performance professors, Dr. Chi-Chen Wu and Dr. Theresa Bogard will be performing the Poulenc concerto of two pianos in the company of orchestra. The University of Wyoming Symphony Orchestra is […]


Songs for Wyoming

February 16, 2017 Jamie Hampton 0

Five years ago, Patrick Harrington and Jackson Clarendon started playing music together which led to the creation of the Libby Creek Original. “We had the same friends but we never met and then we started […]

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Sierra Hull: Beyond the prodigy

February 8, 2017 Jamie Hampton 0

Music is something that can be present in everyday life and for Grammy-nominated, bluegrass singer Sierra Hull, playing music has always been something she felt she was meant to do. Hull began playing mandolin at […]

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A man of many arts

February 3, 2017 Jamie Hampton 0

Some may think that being artistically inclined is something individuals are born with, but to Seth Leininger, Wyoming native and local artist, it is much more. “The whole 10,000 hours rule, I am a huge […]

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“Deadpool”: genre-bending delight

February 16, 2016 Matt Rooney 0

Matt Rooney “Deadpool” takes tongue-in-cheek to a whole, other-worldly level. Instead, it takes the tongue, attaches a samurai sword to it, gouges it through the cheek causing blood to spray everywhere and then laughs […]

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Review: “Revenant” simplistic, yet stunning

January 26, 2016 Matt Rooney 0

Matt Rooney Walking out of The Revenant there is one major takeaway, wrapped around one lingering, awe-inspiring question: How the hell did he do that? “He” of course refers to director Alejandro G. Inarritu […]