A series tie between UW, DU

The University of Wyoming battled against #5 ranking Denver University this past weekend on Friday, Nov. 10 at Denver, Colorado and on Saturday, November 11 at Laramie, Wyoming.

Wyoming (7-7) in overall play came up short against Colorado (11-6-1) in their third time facing off the season in Denver, Colorado with a score of 6-3 in favor of DU.

Colorado maintained the pressure throughout the entirety of the game through procession, puck handling and capitalization on scoring opportunities.

UW trailed behind DU for all three of the periods unable to obtain an opportunity to pull ahead in the match.

Wyoming was able to obtain three goals on Friday by; Alec Macdougall, assisted by Dan Franks, Mark Kunitz with 2 goals, assisted by Zachary Lacombe and Dan Franks.

Colorado scored 6 goals on Friday by; Samuel Yauch, assisted by Christos Koukis, Christos Koukis, assisted by Josh Rubin, and 2 goals from Ryan Gandy assisted both by Christos Koukis.

Wyoming hosted Colorado the next day with determination to change the outcome of the series to 1-1.

UW was able to obtain the victory over Colorado with a score of 4-3 allowing Wyoming to move up in the conference after their strong performance.

“We had our backs up against the wall and knew that we had a decision to make, we wanted to be competitive during the rest of the season, and after losing Friday night we knew that losing again wasn’t an option.”  Eric Tomasello, assistant captain, said after the discussion on Friday night’s game against DU.

Ryan Gandy was able to pressure Wyoming once again with 2 goals in the second period of the game as well as Peyton Norder scoring the third and final goal for DU.

Wyoming unable to be stopped with their exploding offensive attacks were able to score 4 goals by; Jeremy Miller assisted by Tyler Kinnon, Jacob Link assisted by Cambell Mackay, Tyler Kinnon unassisted, and Mark Kunitz assisted by Alec Macdougall.

“The big difference on Saturday is that we came together as a team and all of our lines were producing rather than just our first line,” Tomasello commented on Saturday’s performance.

The overall 1-1 series brought some satisfaction to Wyoming’s conference standings and overall team performance.

The University of Wyoming has an important weekend ahead of them with three back to back games on the road starting on Friday, November 17 against Metropolitan State at 8:00 p.m., Saturday, November 18 against Colorado State University at 7:00 p.m. and then on Sunday, November 19 against Dakota College at 11:15 a.m.

Good luck to Wyoming on the upcoming games this weekend.




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