UW Shotgun Club earns highest overall performance

(Photo courtesy of Logan Bankarduse) UW's shotgun club shoots shotguns in a field.

The University of Wyoming’s Shotgun Club shoots its way to the end of the fall season

The University of Wyoming offers a substantial amount of diverse competitive club sports that are available to all students in search of furthering their desire to compete at the collegiate level.

One of the club sports that was an inevitable offering through the university was the Shotgun Sports Club.

The Shotgun Spots Club has been offered by the University for more than ten years, allowing students to pursue their passions for shooting competitively against other colleges.

The club team offers five different competitive events; international trap/skeet, sporting clays, doubles traps, five-stand, and American trap/skeet.

All levels of experience are welcome to the club for open and invitational tryouts.

“We are always open to new, interested members, everyone on the team loves what they do and have a lot of fun doing it.” Logan Bankard, president of the club comments during discussion about the team’s acceptance to new shooters.

There are three different divisions offered depending on the skill level of the shooter; Gold Division, Brown Division, and White Division.

Practice is held at the Laramie Trap Club shooting range twice a week from when the shooting range opens in the late afternoon until dark.

The individual shooters provide their own ammunition and guns, travel expenses and ammunition are provided to the top 5 shooter who are eligible to make it to the Association of College Unions International National Championships.

The club holds multiple fundraisers including drawings and raffle tickets in order to help support the travel expenses for the team.

Wyoming travels all through the western part of the country competing against Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

“Being a club sport, and not necessarily a spectator sport, the team hasn’t received too much exposure over the years it’s been at UW, however, the shotgun team travels more and farther than almost every other club sport enhancing our level of competition,” UW Shotgun Club president, Logan Bankard said.

The club team competes through the entirety of the school year beginning with the fall season Sept. through Nov. and then start back up in March when the ACUI National Championship are held annually.

UW’s Shotgun Club team has 36 shooters this season making it one of the largest teams that the club has ever had.

The club team had an exceptional performance before the end of their fall season at the annual CSU Ram invitational the last weekend in Oct.

Wyoming shot down the competition in almost every event, they were also able to win highest overall performance for both men and women.

Bankard, number one shooter on the club team, was able to win the highest overall performance for men, and M’Lynn Wells was able to obtain the award for highest overall performance for women.

The University of Wyoming’s Shotgun Club was also able to earn the award of highest overall performance as a team.

The following list of individuals shows recognition and gratitude for their performances throughout the season;

Greg Ferguson, Lillian Power, Keegan Ferris, Garrett Keaney, Monte Monchamp, Bryan Powers, Rian James, Katelynn Dietz, Lucas Sanchez, Sean Fisher, Kyle Schmidt, Cory Nuss, JP Ely, Jackie Martin, Henry Ellis, Caleb Bowen, Alyssa Lewark, Logan Bankard, M’Lynn Wells

The Shotgun Club team will continue to practice and train for their next upcoming challenge of qualifying for the ACUI National Championship



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