Circle K at UW makes cupcakes to help kitties

A kitten walks. (Photo taken from Pixabay)

Circle K International at UW is teaming up with the Laramie Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) to help fund their care programs, which serve animals all across Laramie.

They are organizing a bake sale on Tuesday, Feb. 13 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the UW Student Union Breezeway.

Their bake sale will have a variety of food and goodies, all the money collected will go back to LAWS which will allow them to continue their service to the community.

“It a fun event for a great cause,” Katie Burnworth, CAC senior office assistant, said. “The union should be filled with baked goodies. And the fact that it is right a day ahead Valentine’s Day should definitely increase their sales.”

Circle K International, also known as CKI, is a global organization dedicated to the betterment of society through community service and volunteer work. They consist of volunteer members who are committed to service, justice, equality and the betterment of our society. The Laramie CKI is involved in the organization and participation of a wide range of service projects.

LAWS is a nonprofit that is working to help alleviate the overpopulation and abandonment of pets in Laramie. Their Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program is free to the community and is aimed at reducing the feral cat population and rates of illnesses such as rabies.

They also provide services such as rehabilitation for injured or young cats, a barn cat program, adoptions, rehoming pets and emergency care.

The TNR program serves over 200 cats each year, and LAWS offers coupons for spaying/neutering pets, all of which are funded by donations and fundraising activities such as the bake sale.

“They are always looking for people who can help them in taking care for the pets and organizing various workshops on pet related topics,” Riwaz Bajracharya, UW Computer Science major and a frequent volunteer for LAWS, said. “As an animal lover I am given the chance to be close to pets and also help small kitties find a home. I truly enjoy volunteering for them.”

Currently, they have around 20 cats in their care waiting for their forever homes. LAWS makes adoption a simple process, you may simply visit them by appointment or have a look at their website online for more details. Their website also contains information on proper pet care and advice for all pet owners.

“All the money collected through the bake sale will go towards the care and betterment of the cats that are currently residing in our facility. It will also help them fund the TNR program so cats can be safely neutered”, said Bajracharya.

All LAWS animals are cared for in foster homes until adopted. A completed adoption application is required, and upon approval of the adoption application, pets are spayed/neutered and micro-chipped before being given away to its new home. They also sponsor Dog Day in the Park in late August and hold a micro-chipping clinic during that event.

To become a member of LAWS you must be 18 or older and have no record of any animal neglect or cruelty misdemeanors or felony convictions. Junior members must be 10 years old.

“LAWS gave me a free coupon with a discount offer when I had to neuter my cat,” Mario Garcia, UW Architecture Engineering student, said. It was a great help because as a college student I couldn’t fully afford the treatment costs. They are certainly doing good work for the community.”



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