Flashy jersey = top tier recruits

April 20, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

The football team needs to bring back their flashy jerseys to help bring recruits to Laramie. During the Christensen regime, UW football was building up a nice collection of good-looking jerseys. Some were better than […]


Tennis team continues steamroll

April 18, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

The UW women’s tennis team continued blowing through opponents with two more wins added this weekend against New Mexico and Air Force. The team has now won seven straight matches to improve their season record […]


Wyoming needs to diversify

April 18, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

Since Wyoming became a state it has primarily been mineral dependent, and it’s time to change for the better. Minerals are a multi-billion dollar industry in the state, and the state’s economy is very volatile […]

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Make UW Baseball great again

April 17, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

UW offers a variety of sports to students, athletes and fans, but one sport that needs to come back is baseball. The program was cut in 1996 after funding problems and Title IX requirements. Because […]


Powell drone plant at a standstill

April 13, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

A deal to bring an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturing plant to the Powell Municipal Airport in Powell, WY was recently canceled, but could still be a possibility in the future. A small but experienced […]


Education through litigation

April 6, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

Campbell County is now considering a bringing a lawsuit against the state if budget cuts related to education prevents the county’s school district from providing a quality education to its students.   “We’ve tried to […]


Q&A with new Trustee Kermit Brown

March 30, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

Kermit Brown is a long-time Wyoming resident, former speaker of the Wyoming House of Representatives and one of the two new members of the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees. The Branding Iron sat down […]


Edwards on the right with the Pokes

March 30, 2017 Brandon Sisson 0

Cowboys basketball head coach Allen Edwards has the necessary experience and the knowledge to bring the Pokes basketball team back to an NCAA tournament berth. Edwards has lived basketball for most his life, and has […]