Josh Allen: number one pick?

(Photo courtesy of UW photo database, Kyle Spradley)

Cowboy’s running back Brain Hill and center Chase Roullier were both taken in the draft this past week. Hill went in the fifth round to the previous NFC champion Atlanta Falcons, while Roullier went in the sixth round to the Washington Redskins.

Talk about next year’s draft has already taken social media by storm and many of the top players projected are no surprise. However, many college football enthusiasts, including UW fans, are shocked at many experts projected no. 1 overall pick in 2018: Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

Discussions about Allen began at the beginning of last season. In the first few games it was easy for scouts to see he had incredible arm talent and great athleticism to extend plays.

It wasn’t until Wyoming upset no. 13 ranked Boise State last season that Allen became a serious option for NFL teams.

It is nothing new for UW head coach Craig Bohl to produce a top quarterback, having previously recruited and coached NFL starter Carson Wentz. Allen has a lot of similarities to Wentz, but also has his own style on the field.

The 6’5”, 235-pound gunslinger provides a multitude of weapons that set him apart from any other player in the NCAA.

He has arm strength that is unmatched in college football, with the ability to use it when escaping the pocket and throwing on the run. This gives Allen the ability to make big plays down the field in the final seconds of games.

Allen runs a 4.74 in the 40-meter dash. This number doesn’t seem extremely impressive to most, but with a body frame like Cam Newton, he covers ground very quickly. Allen rushed for seven touchdowns in 14 games for the Cowboys last season.

This unique skill set of arm talent, size and speed makes Allen a complete package for the Cowboys.

The UW quarterback needs to work on his accuracy in the 2017-2018 season. Allen completed 56 percent of his passes last year, but scouts will want to see that number above 60 percent.

Allen’s decision making has been a slight concern for some, but it is his risk taking ability that makes him special. Like a Brett Favre, he is fearless when it comes to making highlight real plays.

For as many bad decisions as he may make, he will also make unbelievable plays that can win ball games.

It will be an interesting year for Allen, who is losing a star running back in Hill and a top receiver in Tanner Gentry. There is no doubt that new starters will have to step up this season, while Josh takes a full leadership role of the team with many seniors leaving.

But for now, Cowboy fans can cherish the publicity that their team is receiving. They can finally relish in the fact that the struggling program is now turning things around.

As for Allen, he has a chance to prove that the hype surrounding him is not a fluke; that he is worthy of the no. 1 overall selection in the 2018 draft.



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